C2F Construction Process

Step 1

Step 1 is Engineering, also known as pre-construction. This is a time when our engineers work to create a construction plan and work with local authorities to get permits. Engineering is an ongoing process, but once a site has been chosen, it could take about 2 months to complete this step. 


Step 2

Step 2 is Locate. Now it's time to find existing underground utilities. You may notice spray paint or flags on sidewalks, streets, or in your yard. This help construction crews know where NOT to dig! Locating existing utilities can take about a week to complete for each site. 


Step 3

Step 3 is Construction. It's time to place the fiber-optic cable! This process could involve adding cable to existing poles or digging to safely add to underground lines. Depending on the location, the construction process could take around 6 months to complete. 


Step 4

Step 4 is Splicing. This is a process that uses heat to fuse fiber strands together. Cables are only made to be so long, so we have to connect them together! We have to make sure those gig-speed services don't stop!  Splicing and putting the network together can take about 2 months to complete. 


Step 5

Step 5 is Installation! We've gotten through every obstacle or delay, and the time has come to install service at your home! From the moment we call to final installation at your home, the average time to complete this step is 45 days! Our customer experience specialists will schedule the best time for you, and we know you'll love this fiber-optic network we've built!